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Comparing Tablet Features : Android vs iOS eReader Tablets

I love my MacBook Pro. Does all I need, really. So I don’t actually NEED an iPad and have held off getting one for it’s own sake. I still prefer a REAL keyboard to tap-tap-tapping. But some days I feel I’m missing out on the whole handheld touch-screen tablet computing scene. Am I falling behind?

I’m no luddite. Recently with revamps to Amazon Kindle tablet lineup, lower prices, etc made me hunker down to compare tablet features of the Amazon Fire tablet vs iPad 2 vs the eBooks and titles for the Android based competitor from Barnes and Noble – their Best Nook Color Tablet eReader.

compare tablet specs

Android OS vs Apple iOS

The Kindle Fire seems most appealing and is nearly a THIRD the cost of a new iPad 2. Tho there aren’t nearly so many Andriod vs iOS iPad apps – all the MAJOR programs one might want to run ARE available for Android OS, so who cares if it ain’t an Apple iPad? I think the Fire eReader is a HUGE threat to Apple market share. If nothing else it’s going to FORCE Apple to lower iPad prices – sooner, rather than later. I’m willing to bet price reductions will be announced at MacWorld-iGadgetWorld Expo in January 2012.

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