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MacGadgetGal Says Hi From Market Samurai On My Mac

This web mistress has long been a user of Noble Samurai's insanely great All-In-One SEO software program for Mac OSX. Most of the time I use the keyword analysis and research module, the SEO Competition module (to see just how IMPOSSIBLE it can be to even get on Page 1 of Google anymore!!!), and use the Rank Tracker module to track a few keywords of importance. (Tip: You can find out quickly in the Rank Tracker if your site(s) are punished by Google – If you enter your top money keywords and see their mostly in, say, the 40-59 range, you know they've applied a Minus-50 penalty for overoptimizing your backlink keyword profile. Some of the sites I track even have -100 penalties!) 

Can't imagine my web mistress life without it. Best money I ever spent on a SEO tool that does it all. It uses Adobe Air cross-platform runtime technology to run either on OSX or Windows, saving it's developers the headache of separate versions.

But tonight I'm using the Publish Content module – with the ability to send a post directly to my free macgadgetgal.wordpress.com site. Never tried it before but seems easy enough. I won't be using the Monetization module to quickly find and add the code for any products – cuz I've had wordpress blogs suspended for posting aff links. Oh well.

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