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Apple ThunderBolt Backup Drives For OSX

thunderbolt-port-imacsUnfortunately it has been a slow evolution to the high speed lane of super fast 10 GB ThunderBolt drives and accessories. After Apple and Intel introduced ThunderBolt interface computers we are finally seeing a reasonable choice of more affordable Macintosh compatible ThunderBolt hard drives and gadgets to shop for for our Apple Mac computer systems.

3 of the cheapest and most affordable ThunderBolt HDD and SSD drives presently shipping for less than $300 comprise the following drive options:

1 Terabyte and 2TB Buffalo Technologies miniStation ThunderBolt + USB 3 Combo Drives

LaCie Rugged Series Portable USB 3 and ThunderBolt Combo Drive

Akitio ThunderBolt SSD Solid-State Drive

For Apple Mac users these three of backup drives presents the cheapest route to experiencing the benefits of Apple and Intel ThunderBolt ports without severely denting your wallet. Any of these ThunderBolt interface storage solutions can significantly reduce the time required to backup and protect one’s Macintosh internal drive.

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