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The Automated Article Writer Tool : Articoolo

August 19, 2016

Articoolo Research LTDWriting is too often a medium of tediousness. Oftentimes, thoughts may stream freely but your fingers won’t. What if there was a process to get a personal computer to carry out the excruciating facets of writing on your behalf?Imagine you had a partner to find the right words effortlessly and leave you to do what you do best; editing? Make way for Articoolo, the intelligent computer robot content writer that produces unique content, in a flash. It lets you spend a few minutes conducting proofreading and not spend hours on drafting.

Ways To Rapidly Generate Instant Articles

Articoolo’s on-line article creator makes use of AI – Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation formulas to create an article up to 500 words in only a few minutes. You merely enter a thematic 2 to 5 word key word phrase, Articoolo checks its online repository for related text then puts together the article in the 1st phase. In the second stage of processing; spellcheck, linguistics and plagiarism audits are executed to assure 100% unique content.

Assess and Preview Your Article Before You Buy

After being finalized, your post is shown in a blurry sneak peek with just a couple of the sentences rendered clearly for review. Based on these snippets, you can get a feeling of the article’s quality and tone. If the sentences don’t reverberate well you can merely produce a new article based on either gently modified or the same terms and attempt anew. You may then end up with a preview which seems to be exactly what you’re after and ready to use.

Articles Cheaper Than Outsourced Content Writing

It costs nothing to have Articoolo’s web content generator to create a quick article. You can generate as many as you wish; credits are deducted only when you opt to purchase the content. The stored article is then presented fully as plain text and fully readable. You can then printed it, save the data to your computer system, or e-mail it to a coworker, directly from inside Articoolo’s user interface. You can buy packages with a fixed number of credits or choose an on-going monthly subscription. The most an article will cost is 2 bucks, or as low as fifty cents with a month-to-month subscription.

Request Articles From Any Internet Device

As a SaaS cloud app, anyone can access Articoolo’s writing capabilities from any web notebook or desktop computer, or even a hand held tablet or smart phone. There’s also a plug-in available for WordPress so that web designer’s can get and publish material easily right from inside their WordPress control panel.

Articoolo’s General Writing Style

Articoolo’s robotic written reports often tend to be fairly general summaries of any given topic, not university monographs. It’s style of writing is mainly geared towards How-To’s, What-Is, and Learn-The-Basics styles of content. And that’s OK: As you review the rough draft that Articoolo has generated, you’ll be editing in the process correcting the occasional quirks in computer generated sentence syntax and ideally adding additional content together with your ideas and mind-set. It normally only takes about three minutes for Articoolo to generate an article and it only takes about three minutes to modify the article so that it’s optimal for publishing as a web page or a post.

Check Out Robotic Article Writing Yourself

Riveted by the time-saving prospect of what Articoolo can do for your computerized online content generation needs? Log in at Articoolo’s website and try generating and viewing a number of articles for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how far Natural Language Processing for computer produced content has advanced.

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