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Rapid Automatic Content Generator For Mac

November 14, 2016

Mac Friendly Online Automatic SEO Article Writer

Wanting a method to moderate the grief of writing or contracting out blog post writing projects? Articoolo is a modern computer generated / algorithmic content (AGC) / (CGC) application that creates exceptional, proofread, high quality drafted articles in just minutes. 

Check out Articoolo’s automated SEO content writing program that can render very well written article in minutes avoiding costs and waits. By simulating a humanistic writer, articles of as high as five hundred words are able to be created from a singular topical key phrase.

Making use of Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algos, Articoolo is proficient at assembling appropriate content, rewriting it, and organizing it into distinct paragraphs. In a 2nd step of processing, it evaluates and fixes the article’s syntax and spelling, then runs a CopyScape check in advance of finalizing the file.

When its finished, you’re given a blurred-out preview which displays a few of the sentences clearly (generally one for each paragraph) so that one can evaluate the quality and tonality of the article before you decide to purchase it. It only costs you if and when you make a choice to buy it. It’s then that the complete substance of the article is revealed. One can then save the file to your hard drive, print it out or email it to a collaborator.

Articoolo is a platform-neutral SaaS – Software as a Service cloud application accessible from any web connected computer platform. You are free to use MacOS, Windows, Linux, or Android OS and is functional via any internet browser you prefer.

A free Articoolo plugin for WordPress is additionally downloadable that allows web masters to have access to the article generating tool and effortlessly generate and publish thematically relevant content to their website, straight from their WordPress control panel.

My Final Decision: For most of my blogging content writing requirements, Articoolo is a godsend. It’s notably beneficial for incorporating additional, topical and relevant sections to what can be Thin Content affiliate pages.

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