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Apple ThunderBolt Backup Drives For OSX

January 20, 2015 Leave a comment

thunderbolt-port-imacsUnfortunately it has been a slow evolution to the high speed lane of super fast 10 GB ThunderBolt drives and accessories. After Apple and Intel introduced ThunderBolt interface computers we are finally seeing a reasonable choice of more affordable Macintosh compatible ThunderBolt hard drives and gadgets to shop for for our Apple Mac computer systems.

3 of the cheapest and most affordable ThunderBolt HDD and SSD drives presently shipping for less than $300 comprise the following drive options:

1 Terabyte and 2TB Buffalo Technologies miniStation ThunderBolt + USB 3 Combo Drives

LaCie Rugged Series Portable USB 3 and ThunderBolt Combo Drive

Akitio ThunderBolt SSD Solid-State Drive

For Apple Mac users these three of backup drives presents the cheapest route to experiencing the benefits of Apple and Intel ThunderBolt ports without severely denting your wallet. Any of these ThunderBolt interface storage solutions can significantly reduce the time required to backup and protect one’s Macintosh internal drive.


MacGadgetGal Says Hi From Market Samurai On My Mac

December 26, 2014 Leave a comment

This web mistress has long been a user of Noble Samurai's insanely great All-In-One SEO software program for Mac OSX. Most of the time I use the keyword analysis and research module, the SEO Competition module (to see just how IMPOSSIBLE it can be to even get on Page 1 of Google anymore!!!), and use the Rank Tracker module to track a few keywords of importance. (Tip: You can find out quickly in the Rank Tracker if your site(s) are punished by Google – If you enter your top money keywords and see their mostly in, say, the 40-59 range, you know they've applied a Minus-50 penalty for overoptimizing your backlink keyword profile. Some of the sites I track even have -100 penalties!) 

Can't imagine my web mistress life without it. Best money I ever spent on a SEO tool that does it all. It uses Adobe Air cross-platform runtime technology to run either on OSX or Windows, saving it's developers the headache of separate versions.

But tonight I'm using the Publish Content module – with the ability to send a post directly to my free site. Never tried it before but seems easy enough. I won't be using the Monetization module to quickly find and add the code for any products – cuz I've had wordpress blogs suspended for posting aff links. Oh well.

1-Cable USB Speakers For Mac Laptop and Desktop Use

August 7, 2013 Leave a comment


For ease of portability, convenience and an improved Mac audio experience, a USB powered computer speaker can be a great MacBook accessory that serves you well on the go or at your desktop. Especially for MacBook Pro and Air owners frustrated by the hard to hear and tiny built-in speakers, an external USB speaker system can help you hear what you’re missing.

Getting both 5 volts of power and delivering a pure digital stereo audio stream over a single USB cable eliminating the need for batteries, and AC power supply, or recharging. These Universal Serial Bus powered speaker systems come in both one and two piece styles. The former is great for easy toteability, the latter might be preferred where the two speakers can be placed wider apart for better stereo imaging and separation.

I’m particularly fond of the long and narrow USB soundbar style of speaker such as those made by Edifier, GrandMax, Logitech or Computer associates which fit easily into a MacBook’s carrycase, is light weight and provides a vastly improved music and audio listening experience at more than adequate room-filling volume levels.

Mac TV Tuner

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Explore watching TV on a Macintosh computer with these HD TV tuner for Mac OSX options. The best HD digital and Hybrid Analog USB TV tuners to watch, record, edit and export your favorite television shows and movies to AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, iPod and more. Visit:

Best Portable USB Computer Speakers

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Enjoy battery free portable audio with these 1 and 2 piece USB bus-powered computer speakers for stereo on the go. Portable USB speakers for Windows notebooks and Apple MacBook laptops. Visit: – Small travel speakers for improved MacBook and PC laptop audio on the road.

Apple ThunderBolt Backup Drives

December 3, 2012 1 comment

Explore some of the currently shipping ThunderBolt interface external hard drives for Mac backups. Spinning platter and solid-state flash memory SSD ThunderBolt drives for ultra-fast OSX backup and data transfers. – Ultra-fast, high-speed OSX TimeMachine backups for Mac computers. Of note: ThunderBolt drive prices are coming down, and more are featuring combo USB 3.0 + ThunderBolt interfaces for more versatility and compatibility with Mac’s old – and new.

Solid-State SSD Drives For Mac

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Revitalize an aging Apple Macintosh computer with these solid-state SSD drive upgrades for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro towers. Ultra fast SSD flash drives for Mac OSX computers. – The best SSD drive options from OCZ, Crucial, SanDisk, Intel, SuperTalent and more.