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Portable Speaker Recommendations For MacBook Laptops

January 19, 2015 Leave a comment

speakers for apple computersAbove all others, the best selling Macintosh computer models are the Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptop lineup. Currently, three¬†out of every four Mac computers purchased are either the ultra slim MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. These laptop computers meet the ever increasing demand for portable computing devices. Consumers also prefer lightweight computers that aren’t a burden to travel with. As a result the form factor of notebook computers has led to smaller screen sizes and thinner case designs. In this squeeze of the ever-smaller laptop, unfortunately the internal computer speakers have shrunk as well, leaving very little room for full size or truly great sounding full-range speakers. If your interested in¬†better sounding external computer speakers, check out which feature portable audio hardware that gets all their needed power from a single USB connection.

Savvy shoppers know USB notebook speakers can be a convenient one-cable audio solution that delivers both pure digital dual-channel audio and power over a single USB cable. Using the 5 volts of power available on a USB port, they can deliver from 1.5 to 3 watts of audio power for spacious sound in a diminutive package that’s at home on your desktop and slips easily into a MacBook’s travel case when needed. Additionally, there is no need for separate batteries or the recharging periods that are often implied with wireless Bluetooth portable speaker products.

Just ask any thirteen or eleven inch MacBook Air or Pro owner – or any small PC NetBook or UltraBook owner and many will likely tell you that they’re frustrated by Apple’s internal speakers that just don’t deliver sufficient volume or satisfying frequency response. An ideal solution for mproving the quality of a laptop’s audio is a small USB powered computer speaker that is very portable and easy to carry when traveling.

Compact one-piece slim soundbar style stereo USB speakers designed for notebooks can be an excellent addition to your Mac laptop computer accessory arsenal. Nearly any external loudspeaker will deliver much improved volume levels and a wider range of frequency response to fully enjoy stereo iTunes music or when viewing video playback or streaming TV programs and movies.


1-Cable USB Speakers For Mac Laptop and Desktop Use

August 7, 2013 Leave a comment


For ease of portability, convenience and an improved Mac audio experience, a USB powered computer speaker can be a great MacBook accessory that serves you well on the go or at your desktop. Especially for MacBook Pro and Air owners frustrated by the hard to hear and tiny built-in speakers, an external USB speaker system can help you hear what you’re missing.

Getting both 5 volts of power and delivering a pure digital stereo audio stream over a single USB cable eliminating the need for batteries, and AC power supply, or recharging. These Universal Serial Bus powered speaker systems come in both one and two piece styles. The former is great for easy toteability, the latter might be preferred where the two speakers can be placed wider apart for better stereo imaging and separation.

I’m particularly fond of the long and narrow USB soundbar style of speaker such as those made by Edifier, GrandMax, Logitech or Computer associates which fit easily into a MacBook’s carrycase, is light weight and provides a vastly improved music and audio listening experience at more than adequate room-filling volume levels.

Best Portable USB Computer Speakers

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Enjoy battery free portable audio with these 1 and 2 piece USB bus-powered computer speakers for stereo on the go. Portable USB speakers for Windows notebooks and Apple MacBook laptops. Visit: – Small travel speakers for improved MacBook and PC laptop audio on the road.