MacGadgetGal Lost ‘n’ Found

Got a little lost with my WordPress goings on here at — userid and password confusion and whatnot and a lot of recovery emails and resets and whatnot to get back to posting posts! (Phew!)

More Mac gadgetry and tasty Apple goodness to come soon. In the meantime check out a new Apple gadget site I’ve been working on: about Mac compatible mobile inkjets and portable scanners.

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Rapid Automatic Content Generator For Mac

November 14, 2016 Leave a comment

Mac Friendly Online Automatic SEO Article Writer

Wanting a method to moderate the grief of writing or contracting out blog post writing projects? Articoolo is a modern computer generated / algorithmic content (AGC) / (CGC) application that creates exceptional, proofread, high quality drafted articles in just minutes. 

Check out Articoolo’s automated SEO content writing program that can render very well written article in minutes avoiding costs and waits. By simulating a humanistic writer, articles of as high as five hundred words are able to be created from a singular topical key phrase.

Making use of Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algos, Articoolo is proficient at assembling appropriate content, rewriting it, and organizing it into distinct paragraphs. In a 2nd step of processing, it evaluates and fixes the article’s syntax and spelling, then runs a CopyScape check in advance of finalizing the file.

When its finished, you’re given a blurred-out preview which displays a few of the sentences clearly (generally one for each paragraph) so that one can evaluate the quality and tonality of the article before you decide to purchase it. It only costs you if and when you make a choice to buy it. It’s then that the complete substance of the article is revealed. One can then save the file to your hard drive, print it out or email it to a collaborator.

Articoolo is a platform-neutral SaaS – Software as a Service cloud application accessible from any web connected computer platform. You are free to use MacOS, Windows, Linux, or Android OS and is functional via any internet browser you prefer.

A free Articoolo plugin for WordPress is additionally downloadable that allows web masters to have access to the article generating tool and effortlessly generate and publish thematically relevant content to their website, straight from their WordPress control panel.

My Final Decision: For most of my blogging content writing requirements, Articoolo is a godsend. It’s notably beneficial for incorporating additional, topical and relevant sections to what can be Thin Content affiliate pages.

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Unique Article Creator With Auto WordPress Post Features : Article Forge

September 8, 2016 Leave a comment

article-forge-content-generatorThis Mac Gadget Gal is weary of tedious article writing and content posting duties. Looking for ways to ease the pain of generating fresh blog posts and publishing them? Article Forge is a computerized content generator that is constructed to do far more than simply automate your SEO web content creation – it can completely automate most of your posting and website backlinking efforts too. Article Forge includes easy scheduling options and the capacity to instantly post to your free or self-hosted WordPress websites. Integrated with an effective API, this allows you to have your entire SEO Web Empire readied to run completely on auto-pilot.

In addition to immediately writing highly readable solitary articles, Article Forge likewise supports Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 material writing alternatives with embedded spintax that can be used throughout hundreds of websites. Whether you are looking to create one top quality article, or hundreds of Tier 2 articles, Article Forge will have the ability to produce entirely understandable and also one-of-a-kind material for you.

How Article Forge Automatically Creates Content
Article Forge uses extremely sophisticated deep understanding Artificial Intelligence formulas to immediately create articles similarly that a human does. These deep AI and also NLP Natural Language formulas enable Article Forge to investigate any type of subject, specifically like a human does. Because Article Forge utilizes Natural Language Generation algorithms to create written textual content like a human, it doesn’t require you to do any kind of hands-on material scraping and assembling. This indicates no bothering with proxies, complicated setups, or programming. All you need to do is supply a topical keyword, click a solitary button as well as Article Forge provides you back an article. Bear in mind, Article Forge is the only device that utilizes this deep knowing, and also is the only tool that will in fact create articles for you.

Article Forge reviews countless articles, learning every little thing it has to know to make sure that it could write about any kind of topic in its own words. This indicates that Article Forge is one of the few SEO robot writing tools ever released capable of immediately composing algorithmically high quality articles. Article Forge is not a typical material generator that merely scratches the web and also mashes sentences with each other. Article Forge writes each sentence in its own words, meaning that Article Forge is able to entirely pass Copyscape. This indicates you never need to fret about Article Forge returning replicate material.

Various other online article writer apps like Articoolo find and scrape an existing article and also rewrite it to 100% uniqueness. Thus, Articoolo tends to produce much better money-site material because the sensible circulation of the original is preserved. Article Forge content might be distinct, however it’s ‘paragraphs’ are at most ideal, freely relevant thematic material. It truly doesn’t create cohesive paragraphs or a total article that typically has an introduction, main body web content and a verdict or call to action at the end. Thus, Articoolo delivers content better-suited for cash websites, Article Forge for tiered link structure content.

Important Features Of Article Forge’s Article Writing Tool
• Article Forge researches as well as composes articles like a human does
• This modern technology enables Article Forge to immediately create top quality web content
• Generated content is best for high quality filler web content and also web link structure web content
• Article Forge writes each sentence in its very own words
• No proxies, manual scraping, or geeky stuff is required
• Just whack a key phrase into the text field Article Forge will automatically compose a high quality article concerning that topic
• Your web content returns completely distinct with absolutely no editing required
• This indicates Article Forge could truly generate 1-of-a-kind web content in one click
• Article Forge could create Tier-1 and Tier-2 web content
• Built in sentence as well as paragraph rotating offers you much more variants
• Integrates directly with WordAi text spinner for when you need much more individuality

Article Forge is not just an article writer, it takes control of every component of content generation and publishing. Article Forge will automatically add pertinent titles, video clips, and photos to every article it composes. In addition, Article Forge will add any type of links and anchor text you want instantly, suggesting you could set up a totally automated associate autoblog.

Key Features Of Article Forge’s Automated Publishing Tool
• Automatically post articles to your blog sites as well as PBNs
• Posts articles to both self-hosted WordPress blog PBN’s as well as totally free sites
• Easy API integration permits you to make use of Article Forge with your favorite tools
• Article Forge allows you place your SEO initiatives on autopilot

Article Forge will entirely reinvent just how you produce, make use of and also release content. There is absolutely no threat to check out Article Forge on your own. Along with their totally risk cost-free 5 day cost-free trial, there is additionally a no strings attached 30 day cash back guarantee. If you use Article Forge to create much less compared to ten articles and discover that it does not meet your assumption for any kind of factor just call them as well as they’ll give you a no headache reimbursement, no doubt asked.

Affordable Mac Press Release Syndication And PR Generation

August 26, 2016 Leave a comment

newsOur staff of MacSEOTips LLC are absolutely devoted over the considerable benefits of benefiting from news release submission and syndication. We love news releases in addition to other advertising tactics to gather consumer interest and drive web traffic to one’s company internet site. One can quickly execute a full and reliable PR technique yourself leveraging the very popular advised LivePR Submission online app to send out a constant flow of press releases quickly from your Windows or Macintosh computer system using your internet browser. Ponder how truly profitable getting just a single release sent out to two hundred and often more newswire websites can be to your internet exposure, SEO link building and brand recognition.

Crafting A Properly Written Press Release
Some of the various subtleties of composing and producing a properly constructed news release may take a little time to fully grasp. The Press and Newswire market has rather strict requirements about how a PR has to be composed and organized to attain not simply acceptance by newsrooms and journalists, but also by your prospective customer also.
MacSEOTips LLC advises making use of the easy DIY Instant PR Pro online service to properly prepare and compose a final release. It is clearly the time-saving approach to compose an Associated Press style file in just minutes. They provide you around a dozen and a half design templates to select the kind of company announcements that are most usual like promos, hiring brand-new workers, an internet site launch or redesign, workshops or occasions, etc. Basically, it’s anything that your company can make relevant in a lively and immediate way to ensure your reader that vital things are taking place in one’s company.

Executing A Press Release for Syndication
It’s important to understand that there’s multiple ways and levels of press release publishing: One-Off and Full syndication. One might merely manually publish your PR release to any number of no-cost PR sites where your singular press release will stay on their site for a year or possibly longer. However do note, free press release sites will NOT distribute it to multiple syndication partner sites to get you exposure on dozens or hundreds of partner News and Press Sites unless one pays an additional charge. You might sign up for an account at paid press release websites, but it may charge you typically from $40 to $300 to have just one single press release fully syndicated! That’s far too expensive for a lot of folks.

Maintaining A Press Release for Syndication Workflow
After you’re armed and set-up to totally take advantage of press release advertising circulation using Instant PR Creator to compose, and LivePR Submitter to mass syndicate your PR press communications, we advise a frequent operation schedule. One ought to release at least 1 PR release in sequence, preferably weekly to effectively steadily grow your biz. It is an incredibly reliable way to produce almost instantaneous website traffic and direct customers to your company, get important information displayed very high in search engine positions, and produce powerful back links back to your internet site.


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The Automated Article Writer Tool : Articoolo

August 19, 2016 Leave a comment

Articoolo Research LTDWriting is too often a medium of tediousness. Oftentimes, thoughts may stream freely but your fingers won’t. What if there was a process to get a personal computer to carry out the excruciating facets of writing on your behalf?Imagine you had a partner to find the right words effortlessly and leave you to do what you do best; editing? Make way for Articoolo, the intelligent computer robot content writer that produces unique content, in a flash. It lets you spend a few minutes conducting proofreading and not spend hours on drafting.

Ways To Rapidly Generate Instant Articles

Articoolo’s on-line article creator makes use of AI – Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation formulas to create an article up to 500 words in only a few minutes. You merely enter a thematic 2 to 5 word key word phrase, Articoolo checks its online repository for related text then puts together the article in the 1st phase. In the second stage of processing; spellcheck, linguistics and plagiarism audits are executed to assure 100% unique content.

Assess and Preview Your Article Before You Buy

After being finalized, your post is shown in a blurry sneak peek with just a couple of the sentences rendered clearly for review. Based on these snippets, you can get a feeling of the article’s quality and tone. If the sentences don’t reverberate well you can merely produce a new article based on either gently modified or the same terms and attempt anew. You may then end up with a preview which seems to be exactly what you’re after and ready to use.

Articles Cheaper Than Outsourced Content Writing

It costs nothing to have Articoolo’s web content generator to create a quick article. You can generate as many as you wish; credits are deducted only when you opt to purchase the content. The stored article is then presented fully as plain text and fully readable. You can then printed it, save the data to your computer system, or e-mail it to a coworker, directly from inside Articoolo’s user interface. You can buy packages with a fixed number of credits or choose an on-going monthly subscription. The most an article will cost is 2 bucks, or as low as fifty cents with a month-to-month subscription.

Request Articles From Any Internet Device

As a SaaS cloud app, anyone can access Articoolo’s writing capabilities from any web notebook or desktop computer, or even a hand held tablet or smart phone. There’s also a plug-in available for WordPress so that web designer’s can get and publish material easily right from inside their WordPress control panel.

Articoolo’s General Writing Style

Articoolo’s robotic written reports often tend to be fairly general summaries of any given topic, not university monographs. It’s style of writing is mainly geared towards How-To’s, What-Is, and Learn-The-Basics styles of content. And that’s OK: As you review the rough draft that Articoolo has generated, you’ll be editing in the process correcting the occasional quirks in computer generated sentence syntax and ideally adding additional content together with your ideas and mind-set. It normally only takes about three minutes for Articoolo to generate an article and it only takes about three minutes to modify the article so that it’s optimal for publishing as a web page or a post.

Check Out Robotic Article Writing Yourself

Riveted by the time-saving prospect of what Articoolo can do for your computerized online content generation needs? Log in at Articoolo’s website and try generating and viewing a number of articles for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how far Natural Language Processing for computer produced content has advanced.

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Apple ThunderBolt Backup Drives For OSX

January 20, 2015 Leave a comment

thunderbolt-port-imacsUnfortunately it has been a slow evolution to the high speed lane of super fast 10 GB ThunderBolt drives and accessories. After Apple and Intel introduced ThunderBolt interface computers we are finally seeing a reasonable choice of more affordable Macintosh compatible ThunderBolt hard drives and gadgets to shop for for our Apple Mac computer systems.

3 of the cheapest and most affordable ThunderBolt HDD and SSD drives presently shipping for less than $300 comprise the following drive options:

1 Terabyte and 2TB Buffalo Technologies miniStation ThunderBolt + USB 3 Combo Drives

LaCie Rugged Series Portable USB 3 and ThunderBolt Combo Drive

Akitio ThunderBolt SSD Solid-State Drive

For Apple Mac users these three of backup drives presents the cheapest route to experiencing the benefits of Apple and Intel ThunderBolt ports without severely denting your wallet. Any of these ThunderBolt interface storage solutions can significantly reduce the time required to backup and protect one’s Macintosh internal drive.

Portable Speaker Recommendations For MacBook Laptops

January 19, 2015 Leave a comment

speakers for apple computersAbove all others, the best selling Macintosh computer models are the Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptop lineup. Currently, three out of every four Mac computers purchased are either the ultra slim MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. These laptop computers meet the ever increasing demand for portable computing devices. Consumers also prefer lightweight computers that aren’t a burden to travel with. As a result the form factor of notebook computers has led to smaller screen sizes and thinner case designs. In this squeeze of the ever-smaller laptop, unfortunately the internal computer speakers have shrunk as well, leaving very little room for full size or truly great sounding full-range speakers. If your interested in better sounding external computer speakers, check out which feature portable audio hardware that gets all their needed power from a single USB connection.

Savvy shoppers know USB notebook speakers can be a convenient one-cable audio solution that delivers both pure digital dual-channel audio and power over a single USB cable. Using the 5 volts of power available on a USB port, they can deliver from 1.5 to 3 watts of audio power for spacious sound in a diminutive package that’s at home on your desktop and slips easily into a MacBook’s travel case when needed. Additionally, there is no need for separate batteries or the recharging periods that are often implied with wireless Bluetooth portable speaker products.

Just ask any thirteen or eleven inch MacBook Air or Pro owner – or any small PC NetBook or UltraBook owner and many will likely tell you that they’re frustrated by Apple’s internal speakers that just don’t deliver sufficient volume or satisfying frequency response. An ideal solution for mproving the quality of a laptop’s audio is a small USB powered computer speaker that is very portable and easy to carry when traveling.

Compact one-piece slim soundbar style stereo USB speakers designed for notebooks can be an excellent addition to your Mac laptop computer accessory arsenal. Nearly any external loudspeaker will deliver much improved volume levels and a wider range of frequency response to fully enjoy stereo iTunes music or when viewing video playback or streaming TV programs and movies.